Using the FCM Menu Planner

Steph Wagner

September 14, 2017

The Built in Menu Planner on FoodCoach.Me


Drag and drop recipes on FoodCoach.Me into your menu and auto create the shopping list. 


Where to find it

You can access the menu planner tool on the Dashboard page. When you first log in to your paid account on FoodCoach.Me it will take you to the “Dashboard.”

You can also access the Dashboard with the dropdown menu under “My Account” in the top navigation.

Scroll down slightly on the Dashboard Page and you will see the Menu Planner Plugin. 

How to plan your meals

The menu planner tool can be cumbersome to use at first and takes some time getting acclimated. While this is true with most of this type of software, we do hope to see improvements in this feature from the developers of the plugin we use!

The drop down box contains ALL the recipes on FoodCoach.Me. Since there are over 500, it helps to use the search bar. You can use key words like “chicken, pesto, grilled” for example.

I find it best to sort by course. You can scroll through for recipes that catch your eye or search recipes by name if you know what you are looking for.

At the time of this post, the plugin doesn’t allow you to add a recipe to your meal plan when you are viewing the recipe page. Consider opening a separate window with the recipe page open to find recipes and photos, then use the search bar to add to your menu. 

When you have selected a recipe, you click on the name and the thumbnail image appears. You can then drag and drop the recipe into the calendar below.


By click on the image inside the calendar, that recipe will enlarge slightly and is also LINKED to that recipe. Also at this time you can adjust the servings you’d like to make.


Note: The meal plan will show 5 days at a time. You can click to move the dates farther ahead if you would like to plan more than shown.

Creating the shopping list

When you are ready, click on the “generate shopping list” on the bottom of the menu planner.

You can select whether you use the US measurements or the metric system. This is also when you will select the dates you’d like to make a list for. If you have planned more than the 5 days shown, you can be sure and get your future dates in the grocery list.

Click on the checkmark to generate the list.

From here you can modify the list. You can change how much you need of something, delete an item or add an item. Use the very small icons to the right of the item to make edits. The pencil icon allows you to type and the trashcan allows you to delete items you do not need.


From here you can print the list and you can save it…which I recommend doing!!! Save your meal plans so you can do it all again in another month. The more you create meal plans the more you can recycle them and save yourself time creating new ones.


2 thoughts on “Using the FCM Menu Planner”

  1. Is there a video that shows you how to do thiss? If so can you please email me it. finleychristine19@

  2. I will be back in my office on Wednesday to email you but in the meantime the video on the homepage of the website does show the menu planner! There is also an episode in the cooking for one video lesson that also shows it

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