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Product image for ebook A Guide to Your Instant Pot Developed for those post weight loss surgery

Link for FoodCoachMe Members resource dining out guide, eating out after weight loss surgery, several restaurants listed with high protein meal ideas

FoodCoachMe bariatric nutrition website has resources for members including batch cooking guides, recipes for preparing weight loss surgery meals ahead of time FoodCoachMe Bariatric Nutrition Website for post-weight loss surgery patients includes dietitian written meal plans for paying members to the website

Members of FoodCoachMe bariatric nutrition website have access to connect on Baritastic food journal app

Bariatric surgery meal plan template, empty meal plan allows weight loss surgery patient to fill in meals and grocery list

Breakfast lunch and snack ideas after weight loss surgery. Graphic image to show members resource for FoodCoachMe subscribers

Bariatric food list includes list of proteins, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats listed in order of priority for weight loss surgery patients to eat

No Cook Meal Ideas after bariatric surgery for patients who need something fast or do not like to cook but need high protein foods

Costco Shopping guide for bariatric surgery patients. Products you can buy at Costco that are high in protein on the weight loss surgery eating plan

Video education on bariatric nutrition for dietitian Steph Wagner owner of FoodCoachMe weight loss surgery nutrition website