Hair Loss After Weight Loss Surgery

  This question certainly competes for one of the TOP questions I get asked as a Bariatric Dietitian. How do I prevent hair loss?? How bad is it?? Why does it happen?? Know the truth about hair loss after weight loss surgery.

What a Protein Is…And Is Not.

  With so many foods out there, it can be a little confusing after a while to remember what’s a protein and what really isn’t that high in protein. In this video we’ll talk about what protein sources are the best and (spoiler alert) nuts and hummus aren’t on the list. 

Another Healing Update!

I still can’t say Thank You enough for all the sweet messages during this healing process! I have been asked for an update and finally feeling up to posting something today. (Wahoo!) This has been the theme of the past several weeks: Good morning, bad evening. Bad morning, better afternoon, worse evening. I can say, … Continue reading "Another Healing Update!"

Molasses Bacon Sliders. Low carb and weight loss surgery friendly!

Molasses Bacon Sliders

Introducing my first “go” with my new Molasses Bacon Seasoning! I went fairly basic in effort to get a feel for the seasoning…I do believe there will be more in the future for this little guy. The burgers were very tasty, although not as powerful as the name makes it sound. Using bacon (ahem, turkey … Continue reading "Molasses Bacon Sliders"

Fiesta Citrus Salmon. Low carb and weight loss surgery friendly!

Fiesta Citrus Salmon

A couple weeks ago I attended the Annual Food and Nutrition Conference held in Philadelphia (you may remember the pumpkin pie spice souvenir) and picked up a couple free bottles of McCormick seasonings. Wahoo! One of the flavors I got my hands on: Fiesta Citrus. MmmmHmmm. Upon peeling back the label of the bottle, I found … Continue reading "Fiesta Citrus Salmon"