*New* WLS Meal Plan Template

Steph Wagner

June 20, 2018

*New* WLS Meal Plan Template for members   Click here for the Meal Plan Template PDF   WLS Meal Plan Template – Instructions: ⇒ This meal plan is for seven days. Each day is one box and labeled on the top left corner. Make this meal plan your own! ⇒ Due to the large variation … Continue reading "*New* WLS Meal Plan Template"

15 WLS Friendly Grill Recipes

Steph Wagner

June 1, 2018

15 WLS Friendly Grill Recipes Thin Sliced Grilled Steaks   Paprika Yogurt Chicken Skewers   Chimichurri Grilled Chicken Kebabs   Aloha Hawaiian Burger – Weight Loss Surgery Recipe *members recipe*   Grilled Asparagus *members recipe*   Barbecue Chicken and Veggies Foil Pack   Blue Cheese Stuffed Burgers *members recipe*   Chicken with Cheesy Veggies Foil … Continue reading "15 WLS Friendly Grill Recipes"

Batch Cooking WLS Meal Ideas

Steph Wagner

May 24, 2018

Batch Cooking WLS Meal Ideas Beef Recipes: ⇒ Meatballs ⇒ Meatloaves ⇒ Burger Patties ⇒ Chili ⇒ Roast with Carrots ⇒ Fajitas Poultry Recipes: ⇒ Chicken Salads ⇒ Shredded Taco Chicken ⇒ Barbecue Chicken ⇒ Chicken Chili ⇒ Mini Parmesan Chicken Meatloaf Pork Recipes: ⇒ Pork Stir Fry ⇒ Pork Medallions ⇒ Barbecue Shredded Pork … Continue reading "Batch Cooking WLS Meal Ideas"