28 Day Challenge | Save The Date!

Steph Wagner

January 10, 2019

28 Day Focus Challenge for Bariatric Patients Hosted by Steph Wagner MS RDN   WHO: The “Focus Challenge” is for any post-bariatric surgery patient looking for extra support getting or staying focused on the lifestyle needed for long-term goals. While information is often geared towards post-op patients, pre-op patients are certainly welcome to participate. The … Continue reading "28 Day Challenge | Save The Date!"

No Shake Carb “Detox”

Steph Wagner

December 30, 2018

WLS Back on Track Plan without Using Protein Shakes The primary goal of getting back on track is eliminating high carbohydrate foods. It does not require all protein shakes to do so!   Many back on track plans include several protein shakes. While this method can be helpful for some, it is not always necessary … Continue reading "No Shake Carb “Detox”"

Help! I Need to Do a Reset.

Steph Wagner

December 27, 2018

Ask Steph – I want to do a reset   What are the options for a post-op reset diet plan? This blog is in response to a recent email I received. I knew she wasn’t alone in this question so I wanted to share my response for all to see! Can you tell me where … Continue reading "Help! I Need to Do a Reset."

FoodCoachMe on Baritastic

Steph Wagner

November 8, 2018

Members can now connect with FoodCoachMe in their Baritastic App!   Access members resources and have your journal reviewed for feedback.   Note: I kindly request you do not share this code with others.     Code: 658383 Watch this video for information on how to use Baritastic! You can also find time stamps below to … Continue reading "FoodCoachMe on Baritastic"

Roadmap to Costco

Steph Wagner

September 13, 2018

Exclusive Members Resource   RoadMap to Costco: Guide to Navigating Bariatric Grocery Shopping   Click the image below to access your PDF guide